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One of the principal goals of the International Conference on Computer and Networks (ICCN 2021), is to drive novel developments in phases of resolving conventional hurdles encountered in Computer and Networks. Technology is advancing at an extremely accelerated speed, which currently is pressing massively on our current premium of supplies and provoking grave destruction to the ecosystem. The damage of this large-scale and mass augmentation in all modes of everyday living is being compensated for in the design of weather modification.

  • Cognitive, Ad Hoc, Mobile, and Mesh Networks (CAMM)
  • Communication Architecture, Algorithms, Modeling and Evaluation (CAAME)
  • Data Centers and Big Data Computing (DCBC)
  • Game, AI, and ML aided Network Design and Application (GAM)
  • Green Networking and Sustainable Computing (GREEN)
  • Grid, Cloud, Internet and Middleware Computing and Communication (GCIM)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Multimedia and Real-Time Networking (MRN)
  • Security, Privacy, Trust and Incentives (SPTI)
  • Sensor/Embedded Networks and Pervasive Computing (SNPC)
  • Software Defined Networks and Network Virtualization Technologies (SDN/NFV)
  • Social Networks and Computing (SNC)
  • Hot Topics in Networking (HOT)